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Hi everyone, and for those new members among you welcome :)

After our Server merge with Ravencrest we have grown our numbers massively, after Legion hit... even more joined, with over 600 characters in the guild we need to be working more actively and getting more raid teams up and running.

Raid Nights vary throughout the week, and has been varying... we have a team running right now, but we need more raiders!.  Ask any officer if you are interested in raiding or taking part in fun runs and we will see what we can do... 

Many of the Officers have been with the Guild for many years now and we run a pretty laid back guild... We firmly believe that you get out of the game (or guild) what you put into it, and many will help you with whatever you need... but just remember its a two way street.  Participate, help out, Raid, PVP, Help guildies and guildies will help you... Stand there with your hand out 24/7 like a panhandler on the corner of a walmart carpark and they are not likely to want to.  Sooo... be an active member, help others and have fun and you will enjoy being in Candy and a Van :)
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Cool parody from Sharm

by MalRD, 540 days ago

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New Content Videos

by MalRD, 675 days ago

Take a look at the Raiding forum to see the latest Videos from Fatboss and Line of Sight Gaming...


Click this link to go straight to the forum New Videos including Nighthold

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